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Blackjack Tips

These blackjack tips will put you on the path to playing perfect blackjack strategy and keep you on that path.  Whether you are playing blackjack online or in the casino you will always have distractions to deal with.  Minimize those distractions and focus on playing blackjack strategy.

  • Do not deviate from playing correct strategy - always let the strategy charts dictate your next move. Always.

  • Once a hand is finished, focus on the next hand. Whatever happened on the previous hand has no bearing on the next. Win or lose on the previous hand, there is only one way to play the next. Using basic blackjack strategy.

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  • Do not play hunches. There are no lucky charms. There is only one correct way to play.

  • Streaks are not a predictor of the next hand. No matter if you have won or lost five hands in a row. If you feel you are on a lucky streak it is ok to increase your bet but within reason.  Don't go playing five dollars a hand to a hundred dollars a hand. Don't laugh, lots of players do that and casinos feast off of them.

  • Never take insurance. It is a terrible bet.

  • Don't drink (at least not heavily) while playing blackjack. Alcohol clouds your judgment.

  • Even those times that you are dealt a bad hand, for example you have a 15 and want to stand when the dealer is showing a ten, you still must play basic strategy and take a hit. If you do not, then you will lose about 75% of the time. Make the best of it and play basic strategy.

Ok, by now you get the idea and are also sick of hearing it. But let us just say it one more time.

"Let the basic blackjack strategy charts dictate your next move". You will not win every hand that you play. Sometimes the strategy will fail you. But in the end, if used correctly, you can win money. A lot of money!

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