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Zen Card Counting System

The Zen card counting system is one of the blackjack systems which are used to improve a player’s game play effectively. The system was published in 1983 by Arnold Snyder and it has elected several blackjack professional players. In this guide I will outline in detail how the Zen count system works.

The Zen count is a multi-level card counting system and it can be very complex for the new blackjack players. Players would have to make a timely track of the running count and the true count. This system is very effective if used by the professional players who have experience in the basic card counting systems.

How Zen Count Works

This card counting makes use of the basic terms of the count values - +1 and -1. It also includes values of -2 and +2 to provide an advantage to the player. The Zen count distributes the values as shown below.

Point Values





















The Zen card has got to be practiced more often so as to master the system and also to be familiar with the card values used in the system. The running count starts off at 0 after the deck has been shuffled and we will look at an example below:

If the 1st card is a 3, then the count is +1
If the 2nd card is a 10, then the count is -1
If the 3rd card is a 4, then the count is +1

Once you are now able to calculate the running count used in the Zen card counting system then you would have to proceed calculating the True Count (TC). The True Count (TC) is the Running Count (RC) divided by the number of decks remaining. TC = RC / Number of decks remaining. TC gives out the assessment of how advantageous are the remaining cards.

The Zen count includes the Ace in its count and the playing tendencies are similar when compared to the Hi-Lo card counting system but this time it is more precise. With the Zen card counting system it emphasizes a player to bet less amounts when the count is low and bet larger amounts when count is high.

The Zen Betting Scheme is based on betting units ranging from 1 to 10.

Betting units

True Count Wager
0 or less 1 unit
+1 1 unit
+2 2 units
+3 2 units
+4 2 units
+5 2 units

Betting units can increase up to a max of 10 units if the count is +10. There are various books available about the Zen card counting systems and some of them will provide examples of how to implement the system during game play. Generally, in order for one to make use of this strategy effectively is for you to practice the system most often.

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