blackjack double down charts

Blackjack Double Down Charts

Blackjack Double Down Charts

To double down simply means you can double your original bet after you receive your first two cards. If you decide to double down you will then receive only one more card. Doubling Down is very profitable and lets you double your bet when you have an edge. The following charts show when you should double down for hard totals (a hand without an ace or where an ace is 1) for multiple and single deck games. There is also a double down chart for soft totals below.

Blackjack Double Down Chart for Hard Totals

Doubling Down Hard Totals - Multiple Deck

Blackjack Double Down Chart for Soft Totals

Double Down Chart for Soft Totals

  • To sum up the double down strategy:
  • Doubling 11 - The most powerful doubling hand. Double against all dealer up cards in a single deck game. Double against all dealer up cards in a multiple deck game except the 11.
  • Doubling 10 - The second strongest doubling hand. Double against the dealers 2 through 9. The strategy is identical for single or multiple deck games.
  • Doubling 9 - Double against dealer up cards 3 through 6. Against all the other up cards you should draw. 
  • Doubling 8 - Do not double in a multiple deck game. In a single deck game double against the dealer up cards of 5 and 6.

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